To calculate Automation ROI successfully and accurately one needs to factor the savings by implementing automation and the cost of automation.

We have highlighted a few best practices to consider when factoring input savings and cost of automation.

Key Input Savings

• Manual hours saved
• Quality improvement through error reduction
• Gain in productivity
• Improved business agility
• Improved data governance and compliance

Cost of Automation

• Licensing Cost
• Infrastructure Cost
• Development, Quality Assurance and Deployment Cost
• Maintenance and Support Cost
• Training Cost

The difference between Input Savings and Cost of Automation will enable you to calculate Automation ROI.
ROI = Input Savings – Cost of Automation

There is no single way to perform automation analysis. It should be a continuous process and one must adapt to the business needs and collaboratively work with cross-functional teams.

Automation ROI analysis will help you provide business case to evolve and adopt automation within your organization.